Friday, January 12, 2018

AuthorSuite Poetry Week


A Portrait Of Love 

Talk to me about love today
But please, make no use of words 
Give me a portrait with your touch alone

For love is...
Like an epochal turning point
Preceded by affliction
Powered by upheavals, and
Succeeded by illusions undreamt

Yet the epoch, it is not
For love is...

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'Flashes of Emotion is romantic poetry... written in a vivid and refreshing style, a compilation that is a pleasure to read and reread. Sam knows how to put across emotions and thoughts and they resonate from every poem.'


'Fifty-two poems, intellectual and emotional. You will find relationship galore. If you are looking for a sad love poem, turn to "The Greatest Gift"... that voice produced several favorites in my notes. Five stars it is, and extremely recommended.'


Ode To A beautiful stranger

You are electrifying, like a bolt of lightning in an ebony sky,

Your look is ingenuous and seductive
Your lips are luscious and devilish
Your gaze is delicate and intimidating
Your eyes are like pearls, dreamy and magnificent 

Your eyelashes unfurl, sensual and provocative
Like a lion tamer's whip.

You are fascinating like sunrise
You are soothing like a healing balm
You are captivating, and, yes, avid,
Like an angel and a mischievous sprite incarnated as one.

My beautiful stranger,
Your advent on that water's edge ...
A spectacle so entrancing, an aura so exquisite
My lethargic mind was roused from limbo
Monotonous sights and sounds dispelled
Juicy laughter in my soul, sweet music loud in my ears

On that promenade of despair,
My beautiful stranger,

I lived.

Will your distant hands ever reach and touch my face?
Will your warm breasts ever be nigh for my head to abide?
Will my yearning eyes be blessed with a glimpse of your grin? 

If this expectancy beyond the pale is all I have,
My beautiful stranger,
I shall bask, forever, in the opulence you've brought my way
My last thought, of course, shall be of you
So that in this memory I might revel
A cherished fortune it ever will be
That a beautiful stranger once crossed my path.

Therefore, this song is for you,
For your brilliant smiles,
For your palpitating heart,
For your mystifying love,
For the afterglow of your thought in my head,
A thought that crushes emotions, let it be known.

And crushed, I must remain, for
A more stunning glow than you
My monotonous path has never been graced
A lovelier rose I've never glimpsed
A headier perfume I've never inhaled

You are electrifying, like a bolt of lightning In an ebony sky,


'Liquid flowing music from a poet who understands passion. His eloquent poems speak to each of us as private as a whispered conversation. Brilliant.

Augustine's poems glow with musical invention and the manner in which he elects to place his words on the page enhances the meaning and the beauty of these works.'   Grady Harp

5.0 out of 5 starsPoetry for the Modern Age
Alison Cubitt
 it was amazing

'The precise use of language and metaphor immerses the reader in the drama of the moment. A well-crafted poem, like a good screenplay, uses as few words as possible to convey meaning and this is a notion that this writer has clearly understood.'

Diana Febry it was amazing

'This is an exceptional poetry collection. The imagery is so fresh and vivid it paints pictures in the mind and as a reader, I was able to recognize those fleeting emotions that are so hard to capture. I started to note my favorites as I read, but the list became too long.'

Gloria Piper 'Beautifully crafted poetry fill pages with sensual love. These poems may speak of masculine sensuality, but they also can find identity in the feminine. Among these, you may pick a few favorites. '
it was amazin
Book Readers Review
'Flashes of Emotion is a book of poems written to reflect life, love, death, pain, joy and many kinds of emotion. It is a book to be savored and returned to on many occasions. If you are not a frequent reader of poetry, Augustine's poems will change your view. This is a rare collection.'



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