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Flashes of Emotion - the 2015 International Book Awards Finalist - a book of romantic poetry. It is both timely & timeless. It is a selection that allows the reader to tap into the poet's insights on a wide variety of topics from life and love to death and drudgery. Contemporary poetry with a classical edge, a 'must have' for anyone who has ever experienced love, pain, defeat, or joy ...

"A rare poetry collection" - Book Readers Review 


Acclaim for Flashes of Emotion

Author, poet, journalist Augustine Sam lives in Venice, Italy - that most romantic of all cities - and offers this collection of his poetry for romantics and those looking for meaning in the many challenges life offers. Augustines poems glow with musical invention and the manner in which he elects to place his words on the page enhances the meaning and the beauty of these works...Liquid flowing music from a poet who understands passion. His eloquent poems speak to each of us as private as a whispered conversation. Brilliant.”  
-  Grady Harp
    Hall of Fame | Vine Voice

Flashes of Emotion by Augustine Sam has a classical edge, yet feels current in its raw energy. Poetry, simply put, is not like this anymore, which makes it all together unique and refreshing. I enjoyed the deep description and rhythm as they are quite different from my own writing. You won’t find words or thoughts like these at slams, or online, therefore it is well worth your time.
-  Ben Ditmars
    Author of Night Poems & Haiku in the Night

Fifty-two poems, intellectual and emotional - Sam's vocabulary is large, as is his geography. You will find imagery, as in 'Italian Cemetery.' You will find relationship galore here, for example in 'Gestures & Allusions.' If you are looking for a sad love poem, turn to 'The Greatest Gift.' Sams style may take a bit of getting used to, but that voice produced several favorites in my notes. Five stars it is, and extremely recommended.
  -  Jim Bennett
     The Kindle Book Review

Masculine, Effective & Pristine - In Augustine Sams Flashes of Emotion, the use of language and allusions to cultural norms is masterful, while his tone plays the chasing dawn of a morning sun were unwilling to wait and see. This collection affected me... those poems Augustine Sam rocked were outstanding. I recommend Flashes of Emotion to every poetry lover who wants love songs and outside angles from a tender, masculine perspective.
 -  Melissa Ratel
     Vraeyda Media – Canada

This collection deserved to be published. Its well-composed verses are a prime example of thought-provoking poetry—a marriage of Old World charm and modern day romance. A ‘must have’ for anyone who has ever experienced love, pain, defeat, or joy.
-  Anna Marie Fritz
    Author of The Dream Garden & Anna-Versery poetry series.

Sam knows how to put across emotions and thoughts, and they resonate from every poem.
Lit Amri
    Readers' Favorite

Creative, intriguing, and impressive.
Gwen Dickerson
    Poet & writer

Gems in an elegant setting.
John Zimmerman

International Poet of Merit
Silver Award bowl
Journalists can be a pretty soul-less bunch at times, and while they are great at communicating hard facts they are generally less adept at expressing their feelings and their sensitivities. That’s not true of all journalists, of course, and it certainly isn’t true of Augustine Sam who has somehow managed to combine a career in mainstream journalism with an equally successful career as a creative writer and poet extraordinaire, picking up awards and accolades left, right and center for his amazing poems. This anthology allows us to tap into Augustine’s insights on a wide variety of topics from life and love to death and drudgery - a collection that showcases this journo-poet’s lively, refreshing, and innovative style.” 
- Andy Smith FRGS FCIJ
  Editor, The Journal of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, U.K.

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